Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Are Over Here Dancing on Instagram, Being Extra, as They Do

On today’s episode of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are Really Obsessed With Each Other on Instagram, Ariana posts a video of her and Pete swing dancing. Not like, dancing as if they are in the club, grinding all up on each other as millennials do, but dancing like a grown ass couple that knows how to dance (kind of).

Fair warning, you have to watch the whole thing through because the first person dancing with Ariana in the vid is not Pete. You can tell because he’s actually good at dancing (lol, roast, sorry Pete).


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So yeah, he tries to do that romantic thing from old movies where he swings her down between his legs and then back up again, and admittedly it’s not the smoothest dance move on record but he did it! “Wow, that could have gone very bad,” he says into the camera after they do it. No kidding.

Pete also posted this really adorable video yesterday in which Ariana Grande dances for a very important audience, an unidentified bb.

my mood forever lil man

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The baby stares up at Ariana with a look of pure wonder on its face, which is understandable, and Pete captions the video “my mood forever lil man.”

Get it? Because Pete gets to look at Ariana like this forever because they’re engaged? It’s all just VERY adorable. Okay, that’s all, go about your day.

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