Ariana Grande Steps Out In Stylish White Ensemble On Same Day Her New Album ‘Sweetener’ Drops

Posting a snapshot of herself stepping out in style about an hour ago to popular social media platform Instagram, pop singer Ariana Grande made a serious fashion statement in the process. Clutching a Sweetener bag that matches the caption on her post — in support of both her merchandise line and her new album that was released today — Ariana Grande made a huge social media splash with over 1 million likes and loves being showered on the superstar’s post in approximately one hour after it having gone live.

In the photograph, Ariana Grande is pictured wearing an oversized sweatshirt in a simple gray or white fabric, complete with long sleeves that almost cover her entire arm and hand. Just above the neckline is what appears to be a pearl or similar gemstone choker. Her trademark long, chestnut brown hair is tossed casually over one shoulder, draping down across her chest neatly tumbling down to nearly meet her waist. Capping off the look is a pair of thigh-high leather looking stiletto boots, also in a crisp white hue.

Blending the haute couture and the casual has been a hallmark of Ariana Grande’s aesthetic in public for some time now, and the comments on her Insta share seem to reflect that her fans are still liking the look. “Stunning,” wrote one user. Another chimed in with a simple proclamation, “QUEEN”. The usual naysayers were mostly absent, barring a few sporadic exceptions.

happy sweetener day

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According to Variety, the album in question is quite good, perhaps bolstered by the strong influence of red-hot musician and producer Pharrell Williams who took a hand in co-writing and producing six tracks on Sweetener. The album is particularly eccentric and experimental in its crafted and cultivated soundscapes — Max Martin and Ilya return to lend their Swedish production magic on the more traditional pop tracks while Pharrell Williams does the heavy lifting on the hip-hop infused songs. One track, “The Light is Coming” goes so far as to include a sample of an anonymous critic lambasting the late Senator Arlen Specter during its runtime.

Variety is quick to point out that Ariana Grande herself has broken boundaries in her own way in this new musical offering, half-rapping her way through “The Light is Coming” after asking collaborator and instigator Nicki Minaj to kick off the proceedings.

No matter what, it is clear that Ariana Grande’s Sweetener will be a surefire bestseller on iTunes and other digital streaming platforms in the days and weeks to come, surely making its way to the top of the sales charts as well as generating significant play on traditional radio and television programming. Her bold fashion choices may simply be a reflection of supreme confidence in her abilities and her contemporary presence as one of the contemporary queens of pop.

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