Asher Monroe Completely Captivates With Pt. 1 Of His ‘Book Of Love’ Film Series

Asher Monroe is a certified hit-maker, but he’s branching out to film-making! Watch the EXCLUSIVE premiere of Pt. 1 to his stunning film, ‘Book of Love.’

He has a hit song with Chris Brown, has been interviewed by Elton John (yes, the Rocket Man himself,) and his tracks have racked up millions of views on Youtube, but Asher Monroe thinks there’s still more work to be done. The Virginia native is stepping out of his comfort zone, and getting behind the other side of the camera! ‘Book of Love’ marks the musician’s first time in a director’s role, and we talked to Asher EXCLUSIVELY about the process of creating the film series. The first clip to be released, “Inner Warrior,” is a stunning portrayal of his single of the same name, and we’ve got the premiere here!

“The whole concept originally started when I finished my last album, and wanted to shoot the visual, and instead of going the mainstream route, thought it would be cool to take two of my favorite singles off the album, and write a storyline about them,” Asher shares with HollywoodLife. “I kind of came up with this conceptual story, and a lot of it was about things I’ve gone through in my life, especially challenges I’ve had to go through in this industry,” he adds.

Asher also revealed just where the depth of his lyrics in the clip comes from. “The lyrics detail past struggles and things I’ve been through, and aim to show people that theres a light at the end of the tunnel, and [that] you can overcome things, no matter what you’re going through,” he says. “I always want to have a message at the end of the day. Love has always been at the core of my music. That’s why I chose the title, ‘Inner Warrior,’” he says of the track.

Those loving the new visual will be glad to know there’s more to come! ‘Book of Love’ is a full-fledged film, 22 minutes in total, and for Asher, the sky is the limit. The singer plans on bringing his film to the festival circuit, and in 2019, will even release a part two!

When asked about what made him decide to branch out to a directing role, Asher said that it’s time to be “Fearless.” “I’m over playing it safe. The more creative I am, the more it will speak to people.”

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