Ashley Graham Gets Real About Becoming a First Time Mom In A Pandemic

Ashley Graham took over as host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (April 23) and opened up about becoming a new mom just as the pandemic hit.

The 33-year-old model shared that her little guy, Isaac, whom she shares with husband Justin Ervin, “made it just in time for the world to shut down.”

“Being a new mom has been really hard as it is, but being a new mom during the pandemic is a whole other level,” Ashley went on, and explained that the pandemic actually gave her perspective on being a new mom as a whole.

She shared that “it gave me the maternity leave that my body could have never asked for. Some working moms have to go back to work just after a few weeks and that’s assuming they even get a maternity leave at all.”

“It’s like these employers are like ‘hey congratulations on growing a whole new human from scratch, but we really need you back at work like A-S-A-P.’ It’s not OK.”

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