Asia Argento Accuser Jimmy Bennett Had Also Previously Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Underage Girl

The plot thickens…

Asia Argento‘s apparently dual roles as both victim and predator in different sexual misconduct encounters noted, it appears her own accuser — actor Jimmy Bennett (pictured above, left) — has himself previously been accused of sexual misconduct with an underage girl, as well… Wow!

According to media reports out this weekend, back in 2015, an ex-girlfriend of Bennett petitioned for a temporary restraining order after accusing him of stalking and threatening her, per California court records.

Per the court filing, the girlfriend wrote that she had previously gone to the LAPD to press charges against Bennett for unlawful sex with a minor, stalking, and child pornography, at one point writing (by hand) in the complaint (below):

“When I was 17 and Jimmy was 18, he talked me into having sex with him. I had never had sex before. He continued to talk his way into my life and manipulate me into doing things like smoke. His constant attempts at calling and texting with things like ‘please talk to me, I need help’ etc. caused me to answer in the past. One time he told me that he was being abused by his parents and needed a place to stay. He was 17 at the time.”

The girl said Bennett would frequently stop by her apartment to see her, call her, and text her — even when she told him to leave, and that she didn’t want to see him.

Furthermore, Bennett at one point allegedly manipulated the girl into sending him nude photos of herself, as she explains in the docs (below):

“When I was 17 and he was 18, he manipulated me into sending him naked photos of myself then caused me emotional harm by texting them via Snapchat.”

And she was clearly worried about potential consequences of coming forward, as well, writing (below):

“He has a drug use history and after we broke up when I was 17 and he was 18, he wouldn’t stop harassing me via phone calls and other forms of contact. Both my mother and I felt in danger of our safety. Jimmy has lied, manipulated, and stole (allegedly) from me because my family is in a very poor financial condition, having recently gone through 2 foreclosures and bankruptcy.”


Outlets weren’t able to publish comment from Bennett or his legal team on this one, but wow — certainly a major allegation and a bit of a plot twist in this ongoing, multi-level controversy.

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