Asia Argento Breaks Down In Tears In 1st Interview Since Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide — Watch

Asia Argento cries in a teaser for an upcoming interview where she not only discusses Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, but also comments on Jimmy Bennett’s accusations. Here’s what we can expect.

Asia Argento is finally opening up about Anthony Bourdain‘s passing in a new interview with DailyMailTV set to air on Sep. 24 and 25. In addition to revealing how she found out about his death and how she reacted when people claimed she was responsible for his suicide, she’ll also be discussing the accusations have been levied against her by her former co-star Jimmy Bennett, who claims she allegedly slept with him when underage. In the emotional preview, Asia breaks down crying discussing those topics. We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest from that two-part interview airing this Monday and Tuesday.

This comes on the heels of her attorney Mark Heller sending a letter to Jimmy’s lawyer on Sep. 20, which is all about an interview Jimmy has planned with an Italian station regarding their sexual encounter. The letter states that Heller will be keeping a watchful eye out for any “slanderous, defamatory or untruthful statements,” according to TMZ. If Heller feels any statements of that kind have been made, his legal team will reportedly take action.

As we reported earlier both Asia and Jimmy have accused each other of alleged sexual assault. While the two reportedly had sex in a Marina del Rey hotel room when he was 17, she claims she was allegedly forced, while he claims she allegedly planned the entire seduction. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about this ongoing news story. In the meantime, check out all of Asia’s pics in our gallery above.

Meanwhile, since this back-and-forth, Bella Thorne has slammed Asia in her tweets. “I’m disgusted. No longer want to be apart of the #metoo movement. Jimmy was a young kid. This is gross,” She said. “If this is what the me too movement is going to be about now I’m not here for it.”

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