Author Tama Janowitz is selling her art collections and Brooklyn apartment

“Slaves of New York” author Tama Janowitz is not a slave to her possessions.

She’s getting rid of all the stuff she and her late husband Tim Hunt collected in their large penthouse in Brooklyn, and selling the apartment, too, so she can start afresh somewhere new.

“I’m a hoarder, and he was a hoarder, too, so we had a lot of stuff,” Janowitz told me.

The 450 lots of paintings, photographs, African sculptures, antique glass and designer fashions are on the block Sunday at Goldfinch Auctions in Flemington, NJ.

Tama won’t go on the Goldfinch website to look at her things, because, she says, “I’ll end up buying it all back.”

Hunt was the handsome brother of British race car driver James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth in “Rush”) and curator for the Andy Warhol Foundation for 20 years. He died in November of cancer.

Tama, who moved upstate near Watkins Glen to care for her late mother, no longer wants urban life. She rides her quarter horse Fox every day.

“I want to move somewhere warmer with Fox, maybe the mountains of Tennessee,” she said.

She’ll use some of the proceeds from the auction — expected to raise at least $400,000 — to send her daughter Willow to nursing school.

“I’m glad she doesn’t want to be an artist,” Tama said. “I probably would have made more working at McDonald’s. But I did have a hell of a ride.”

Her possessions prove it.

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