Bachelor in Paradise’s Bibiana Reveals the Shocking Reunion Moments You Didn’t Get to See

OK, here’s the deal: The Bachelor in Paradise reunion is close to five hours of back-to-back confrontations and tell-all. It’s an, early, lengthy day for everyone involved, so you can imagine how quickly the tension builds up. Unfortunately, not all the good stuff makes it into that two-hour window.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you what went down during the rest of the time. 

Who I Called Out

In the reunion teaser, there’s a clip of me going off on someone. Sadly, the world did not get to see me at my best, but I like to think that it got you to tune in.

Here’s what you missed.

When Kamil broke up with Annaliese on stage — this guy wins the award for the biggest a**hole on Paradise — He tells her that he doesn’t want to “string her along.” Annaliese went into shock and walked off stage, and I used the opportunity to give him a piece of my mind: you’re saying you don’t want to string her along, but you can string her along all the way up to this moment and break up with her on stage? That just goes to show that Kamil lacks a real pair of balls, because any real man would have let her down gently, and not in front of the entire cast. 

Leo Apologized

We all witnessed the drama between Joe, Kendall and Leo escalate in Paradise. Everybody has a breaking point, but Leo lost his cool almost right away — it’s happened to me before so I can relate.  Once you begin to spiral, it’s almost impossible to come back into reality. Unfortunately for Leo, he was a victim of this vicious cycle. It’s brutal watching yourself back on TV, let alone watching yourself lose it. At the reunion, Leo took the opportunity to apologize to Joe and Kendall and it all went pretty well.

But then.

When the cameras stopped rolling, Leo entered into a Twitter war with quite a few of your Bach faves. Do I want to think he was being genuine when he apologized?  Yes, but his actions after the fact, didn’t really match up. They’re also most likely why his apology didn’t make the cut on the show. People told me I had #nochill, but I think Leo has definitely taken the lead with that title.

I Cleared the Air (Sort Of)

I was called out for “not being ready for a relationship.” I let everyone know where I stood, and was completely honest when I said I wasn’t there to play games. Did I wish I found someone on that beach? Absolutely, that’s what we all sign up for. Did I want to play the games some of these guys want to, though? Absolutely not. 

If it seemed like I wasn’t ready love, maybe that’s because there was no true connection with any of the many guys who showed up. You can’t force something, but I tried. If I didn’t try hard enough for some people, I’m not sorry. I am happy with myself & my decisions, and the relationships I’ve kept post-Paradise.



Clay and Angela

Yes, off-screen romances post-Paradise actually do exist. If you didn’t watch Becca’s season of The Bachelorette, let me take a second to introduce you to Clay. Clay was an instant favorite when trying to win Becca’s heart, but decided to go home after injuring himself in a group date. As a former NFL player, he was easy on the eyes and a total sweetheart.

Enter: Angela.

After Angela was sent home, Angela and Clay were set up by Chris — aka Mr. Goose. I see you Chris, trying to take over my job as Fairy Lovemother. Kudos! This pairing looks like a winner. These two were finally able to announce that they’ve been dating last week, but I would’ve loved to have seen him show up to the reunion and surprise everyone.

Jordan and Jenna

On Tuesday night, we watched Jordan and Jenna announce their wedding date while also finding out, thanks to Reality Steve, that Jenna may be in this relationship for the right reasons. Right before the reunion aired, alleged screenshots of text messages between Jenna and another boo started circulating.

Jenna is now saying that these texts are fabricated. I hope that this is the case, but the odds aren’t in her favor. If you follow Reality Steve you know that he checks his facts. Now, Jordan has decided to end the relationship, despite the fact that Jenna is sticking to her story. My heart is with them both, as I can’t imagine the difficulty that comes with a break up, let alone a public scandal.

With that we conclude another year of breakups and make ups on Playa Escondida — but it’s safe to say the drama will carry on.

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