'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth Break Up Nine Months After Getting Engaged

Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ have called it quits on their engagement almost a year after their reunion proposal

Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth have split nearly a year after getting engaged during the Season 4 reunion of Bachelor in Paradise. Fans had started to suspect that Derek and Taylor had broken up, and now the BIP stars are officially confirming it.

E! News shares the statement from Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan regarding their split. The Bachelor in Paradise stars say that it is “with much sadness” that they have decided to end their relationship, noting that they are heartbroken that they are now moving forward separately.

Derek and Taylor’s statement also says that they “put everything we could into our relationship,” but they know that ending the engagement is the best choice for both of them. Peth and Nolan’s statement also says that they’ll continue to respect, admire, and support one another while staying in each other’s lives.

Despite getting engaged after filming Bachelor in Paradise during the Season 4 reunion show, Taylor and Derek always faced a long-distance relationship. They never lived in the same city, and it seems that things got even more difficult with Peth recently moved to New York City as Nolan stayed based in Seattle.

Bachelor in Paradise fans had started to speculate that the couple may have split up, but the two waited a bit to make the official announcement and they haven’t said exactly when they ended their engagement. Derek and Taylor shared tidbits on social media referencing that they were a couple as recently as May 28, but some of Nolan’s posts, in particular, had an air of heartbreak to them in recent days.


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Life isn’t always sunshine and flowers, but when it is…man it is great ????

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At the time that they got engaged, Nolan lived in Seattle while Peth lived in Iowa. They told People after their engagement that they were trying to be realistic as they worked on their relationship, and the brief shutdown that happened while filming Season 4 actually helped grow their partnership.

When talking about their future, Derek and Taylor said that they weren’t in a rush to live together or have anybody move, but it seems that he was open to the idea of relocating to Seattle. Obviously, things changed given that Peth ultimately moved in the opposite direction.

Bachelor in Paradise has actually been fairly successful in creating lasting relationships. Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon took a very slow path toward a romantic relationship, but they recently got engaged. In addition, viewers have watched both Carly Waddell and Jade Roper fall in love, marry their guys, and have their first babies with Evan Bass and Tanner Tolbert. Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates are still together after falling for one another last summer in Season 4 and many suspect they’ll be getting engaged soon.

Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres on August 7 and ABC has just revealed part of the cast. Will someone else leave Mexico engaged this summer, and will that engagement go the distance unlike the one between Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan? Fans will be anxious to get spoilers about the new crop of contestants and they’re hoping a lasting relationship emerges in the wake of the split between Taylor and Derek.

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