Bella Hadid Posts Pics With Broken Heart Emojis On Instagram — Trouble With The Weeknd?

Uh oh! Is there trouble in Bella & The Weeknd paradise?! The model took to Insta to share a snap of her trip to South Korea with a bunch of broken heart emojis. What’s going on!?

Bella Hadid‘s summer of fun has been non-stop! She’s travelled around the world, walked the streets of Paris with her BF The Weeknd and jetted to South Korea for a quick event before going on to her next adventure. The model shared a few snaps of her excursion to Asia, where she posed in a fun mirror that deformed she and her friend’s faces! Just today, Bella shared another snap of her funky look on the streets South Korea, captioned with a bunch of broken heart Emojis. Oh no!

Rocking a yellow skirt, a band T-shirt, calf-high socks and Dr. Martens, Bella looks like she’s eating a popsicle while standing among the sign-crowded streets of South Korea. But why so sad?! The 21-year-old has been without her on-again, off-again BF The Weekend now for a few weeks! They were last spotted together, with their arms linked, in Paris on June 1. Talk about romantic. However, since then, the two have been separate with the international model jetting to shows and events around the world. Of course, the two haven’t really made things “official” but during their Parisian rendezvous, they pretty much became Instagram official — which is about as official as it gets these days!

Abel posted a photo of Bella holding a packet of sugar that said “Sugar Daddy,” and while her face wasn’t in it, we’d recognize her nails anywhere! Then, Bella shared an empty plate of food with two forks from their dinner date, and you could hear the model laughing in the background of The Weeknd’s ‘gram of a bubbling beer. We’re hoping things are alright with these two, and maybe Bellz is just sad to be leaving South Korea!

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