Beloved Youth Tom Holland Finds A Stray Dog And Takes It To The Vet

Sweet, sweet Tom Holland has once again proved that not only is he the purest Avenger, but he is also an IRL boy-hero.

On Tuesday, the 21-year-old Brit took to Instagram to spread the word about a stray dog he’d found while walking the greater London area. 

“A bit of an odd message,” the actor said, addressing his 7.5 million Instagram followers. “I was walking around Kingston and we found this dog that seems to have been stray for the last few days.” 

“If it is your dog please let us know,” Holland continued. “We’re going to take him to the vet to make sure he’s all okay.” 

When none of his followers recognized the pupper, Holland took the four-legged fur baby to the vet. Bless you, young Holland. 

And, in a very happy turn of events, the dog had a microchip in place!

“So, update on Bruno,” said Holland, taking to social media once more. “We took him to the vet, and he’s got a microchip. They have his owner’s contact info, and they’re gonna find out where he lives, and hopefully they’ll bring him home.”

As if Twitter needed another reason to stan this lovable Spiderman!

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