Ben Affleck Has Been Advised To Hold Off On His Relationship With Shauna Sexton

After Ben Affleck checked into rehab almost four weeks ago, we learned that rehab wasn’t about to come between Ben and his 22-year-old Playboy model girlfriend Shauna Sexton. The only problem is, rehab wasn’t the only one trying to come between Ben and Shauna (for his own good, of course). But apparently all that outsider meddling isn’t working, and Ben and Shauna are closer than ever.

Ben has been seen repeatedly with Shauna over the past few weeks. According to a source that spoke with Entertainment Tonight, watching Ben attempt to balance rehab and a girlfriend has been “challenging for everyone.” Getting sober is a full-time job, so everyone in Ben’s life has been pushing for him to commit to that and to give Shauna a call when he’s done. But that’s not really something Ben is interested in.

“He has been told to hold off on a relationship…but isn’t heeding that advice. His closest friends hoped he was just dating her and would break it off after going to rehab, but he seems to get closer to her every day. The more time Ben seems to spend with Shauna, the more he seems to want to go home.”

Ben is allowed to leave rehab during the day, and he’s accompanied by a sober coach and a therapist each time. Terrific! Except…his day trips from rehab often involve going home to meet up with Shauna, who is definitely not sober. Shauna spoke about Ben in an Instagram post two weeks ago (via a picture of her posing with a glass of wine, mind you), and said that yes she likes to drink, but that she was never pouring booze down Ben’s throat.

A source has previously told ET that Ben’s future ex-wife Jennifer Garner is sick of the shenanigans, and wishes he would take his recovery seriously. The source adds that Ben might think this most recent time in rehab will be a quick in-and-out situation, kind of like getting fries from a drive-thru.

“Ben has only committed himself to the 28 days and Jen wants him to commit to much longer. Everyone wants this to be the very last time he has to be rushed to rehab.”

Ben’s going to do what Ben’s going to do, regardless of what concerned family, friends, and professionals with years of addiction and recovery training have to say about it. But he also needs to realize that Shauna probably isn’t going anywhere if he puts her on ice for a month or two. The chance to one day ride around in the passenger’s side of an A-list star’s Range Rover and eat fries you didn’t pay for is the kind of dream come true you don’t easily bail out of.


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