Ben Affleck Has Checked Back Into Rehab: ‘He Will Stay Most Nights In The Clinic’

Ben Affleck is reportedly back in rehab again, more focused than ever on his recovery and personal well-being & health.

The 46-year-old Oscars winner has apparently admitted to his friends that he needs to receive more highly-concentrated treatment at the clinic if he’s to truly remain sober moving forward.

A source close to the actor explained Affleck’s voluntary decision to return to rehab despite completing a successful 40-day stint last month, saying (below):

“He was going to move out and become an outpatient – but he’s checked back in. He will stay most nights in the clinic … This is not just a disease you cure in one go. Ben has and will always be working hard to get better. He wants to work, see his children and focus on his recovery.”


It’s nothing easy or simple, of course, but good for Ben for realizing that the best thing for him long-term may actually be staying in rehab for the short-term.

Of course, this comes just days after Ben and Jennifer Garner officially filed for divorce; the pair has remained dedicated to co-parenting their three children, even during this difficult rehab process.

Here’s hoping Ben gets healthy and stays sober as he continues to fight the battle!

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