Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, Poses In Tiny Crop Top As She Headed Out Of L.A.

Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, is enjoying a girls’ trip with two friends. They headed out to Big Bear Lake, which is about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles. She shared some Instagram stories of the girls singing along to songs in the car, and shared some photos in front of their rustic cabin. The two girls that are with her are Jordan Pethel and Dana Darling, and it looks like they’re all having a good time so far. For some reason, Shauna’s dubbed the weekend the “Boys weekend,” and L.A. hairstylist Skye Lewis asked her, “Is the paps there?” To that, she responded with the following in the comments.

“dude I walked out of the grocery store stuffing my face with hot Cheetos and some dude was taking pictures.. I was so pissed. No one f*cks with boys weekend.”

Whoever took the photos hasn’t sold the pictures yet, that or they haven’t been published. At any rate, Shauna also shared an Instagram story that made fun of a Daily Mail caption of her and her two friends filling up the car before they left town.

“Helping hand: Shauna’s pals were seen helping her fill up the vehicle,” the caption read.

Sexton took a screenshot of that, and wrote in “3 girls 1 pump,” as well as “How many dumb b*tches does it take.” She also put in tiny white font at the bottom, “For the record I am perfectly capable of pumping gas..” and in even smaller font, that “We were getting yerbas out of the fridge.” At the very bottom, she wrote in “Hahahahaahahha.”

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Boy scouts take on big bear ????????????#beetlejuicebeetlejuicebeetlejuice #getnastygal

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On the other hand, in the first Instagram photo from the trip, Shauna showed off her toned abs in a tiny black crop tank and some pinstripe leggings. Her hashtag was “beetlejuicebeetlejuicebeetlejuice,” obviously referencing the movie where the character Beetlejuice is seen wearing a white-and-black striped suit. In a second photo, Shauna posed in the same crop top, but with a leather jacket and tan leggings. Her friends Jordan and Dana crouched low to the ground, both wearing all black, while Dana sported some green sneakers.

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My boys, my soulmates, my other halves. The ultimate girl gang. Through thick & thin. Can’t put into words how much love I have for you two.☠️????‍????‍????????

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Following the “Boys weekend” theme, Shauna captioned the photo, “My boys, my soulmates, my other halves. The ultimate girl gang. Through thick & thin. Can’t put into words how much love I have for you two.”

Shauna’s life has certainly changed a lot since she was first spotted with Ben Affleck. Since then, Ben was driven to rehab by his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Shauna’s also been scrutinized and followed around by a ton of paparazzi, who have a newfound interest in the model because of her relationship status with the famous actor. Sexton also quit her day job, although she’s been spotted volunteering her time at the local dog shelter.

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