Benji Madden Celebrates Cameron Diaz's 46th Birthday With an Instagram Love Letter

While the days of receiving real, physical love letters (yes, snail mail) are all but over entirely, Cameron Diaz received the next best thing from husband Benji Madden. The Good Charlotte musician posted an incredibly sweet photo of the two of them all bundled up in front of a lake in honor of her 46th birthday on Thursday, and the lengthy caption pretty much doubles as poetry.

“Happy Birthday Baby. There’s so much to write, so many things that make me so proud of you and how special you are,” he wrote. “Thank you for being the best friend and partner to me and taking this journey of Marriage. The way you live your life everyday, and your compassion for the world shines thru in your eyes and you inspire me to want to be the best man I can be in this lifetime. You’re the realest. I’m so grateful to be yours Always&Forever, and to call you my One&Only. True Love.”

The couple, who recently returned from a romantic Italian getaway, tied the knot in a private ceremony in January 2015. This isn’t the first time they’ve spilled sweet nothings about each other, either — once you’re done swooning over Benji’s birthday message to Cameron, check out all the other adorable things they’ve said about their marriage over the last few years.

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