Beyoncé Nearly Fell on Stage During a Show in Nashville, and I've Never Laid Eyes on a Smoother Recovery

Beyoncé Nearly Fell on Stage During a Show in Nashville, and I’ve Never Laid Eyes on a Smoother Recovery

As much as it pains me to admit it, Beyoncé is a real person. And when real people try to walk down stairs while looking straight ahead, there’s the potential that they may trip and careen down said stairs. This is what could have taken place in Nashville on Thursday night, when real-person Beyoncé made an entrance on the stage during a show for her On the Run II tour with husband JAY-Z. Fans took video of the singer making her way down the stairs, but after three steps, her right heel starts to buckle a bit (any self-respecting BeyHive member probably has chills right now).

What happened next, dear reader, is what separates Beyoncé from the rest of us mere mortals. Instead of plummeting “straight into the ground like a meteor,” as one of my fellow editors put it, Beyoncé caught herself. And can we talk about that save?! A quick step-ball-change and she was back in the game, kids!

Like I said, Beyoncé is a real person, so this certainly isn’t her first brush with onstage disaster. While performing at Coachella in April, she attempted to pick up her little sister Solange, and the two collapsed on stage in a ball of laughter. During the Super Bowl halftime show in 2016, Beyoncé lost her balance and almost hit the ground, but was able to recover with help from the universe. Keep reading to see Bey’s smooth onstage recovery, which I’ll be watching on a loop for the rest of the day.

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