Beyoncé & Solange Fall Hard During Coachella Set: Watch Epic Fail On Stage

Solange Knowles came back for the second weekend of Beychella, but the performance didn’t go quite as planned. Beyonce tried to lift her sister, which resulted in a hilarious fall. Watch here!

Beyonce invited her sister Solange Knowles up on stage at her Coachella performance for the second weekend in a row, and it was nothing short of epic. However, there was one small hitch in the performance. When the “Formation” singer tried to lift up her sibling during a dance sequence, they both immediately tumbled to the ground. But of course, they handled the hilarious falls like total pros. Solange recovered by turning the fail into a dance move, and Bey told the audience to “give it up for my sister” once they both got back on their feet.

This was Solange’s second time performing at Beychella. She surprised the crowd last weekend when she showed up and joined her sister for a choreographed dance battle to”Get Me Bodied” toward the end of Bey’s set. During the high-energy routine, the two sisters dropped down low, posed for cameras, and did an old school dance. They finished off the incredible moment by hugging it out onstage.

The dance-off appeared to be a call-back to when Beyonce surprised her little sis at Coachella four years ago for an impromptu dance. Obviously, fans went wild over the sweet second take of the iconic moment. In fact, there were a lot of spectacular reunion moments during Beychella. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams also made an appearance for a phenomenal Destiny’s Child medley of their three songs, “Say My Name,” “Soldier” and “Lose My Breath.” They also wore matching camouflage outfits that paid homage to their looks in the “Survivor” music video. No one does Coachella better than Beyonce.

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