Beyonce was reportedly paid $35 million for a hotel-opening concert in Dubai

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Before this weekend, Beyonce hadn’t performed in concert since 2018! That doesn’t feel right, but it’s what everyone is reporting. Beyonce went to Dubai to perform a one-night only, invitation-only concert at the new hotel, Atlantis the Royal Grand Resort. Beyonce’s concert was part of the three-day extravaganza for the opening of this hotel and resort. The first reports suggested that Bey was paid $24 million for the concert, but other reports suggested that it was more like… $35 million. Insane.

Bey performed Etta James’s “At Last,” as well as a slew of her own hits, like Halo, Beautiful Liar, Crazy in Love, Naughty Girl, Freedom, Flaws and All, Be Alive, Brown Skin Girl and more. From the videos I saw, it didn’t look like Beyonce was moving a lot, and reportedly, she’s recovering from a foot injury and foot surgery. So that explains why she hired a huge dancing troop as backup.

Blue Ivy – who is so tall now – joined her for “Brown Skin Girl.” Blue tried some choreography and the way Beyonce put her hand out is amazing. Beyonce was like “we didn’t rehearse that enough, Blue.” And yes, even though this was a hyper-exclusive event and no one was supposed to record it, there were millions of videos online this weekend.

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