‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Kaley Cuoco Posts Snippet Of Wedding Video

Kaley Cuoco posted a stunning video on Instagram of her unforgettable wedding day.

The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco posted a snippet of her wedding video on Instagram, and it is stunning!

Kaley married Karl Cook in an intimate ceremony in San Diego, California at a horse stable on June 30. Although there were some informal Instagram videos that made the rounds earlier, the newest one posted by Kaley was produced professionally and perfectly captured the magic of her big day.

The video starts off with Kaley’s voice talking about love, which was likely her part of the vows, and it cuts to both of them getting ready for the wedding. Kaley can be seen in her Reem Acra wedding dress with a beautiful floral cape, while her now-husband looks stylish in a traditional tux.

Then, it shows Kaley walking down the aisle with her father, as she looks giddy with joy and points at Karl as he waits for her by their giant horseshoe statue. Karl is seen smiling broadly and pointing back at her. Kaley looks like she might start crying as she continues down the aisle. Throughout this part, Kyle’s voice kicks in, as he describes the love that he and Kaley share.

From there, the video shows a glimpse of the couple running down a beautiful tunnel decorated with tons of white sparkling lights.

Here’s a sneak peak into our special wedding! Thank you @enjetmedia @enjettiff @laurentatumevents for making our dreams come to life ???????? ???? #kcsquared

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The vows were written by the couple themselves, and they were both laughing and crying while sharing them with each other. The ceremony was all-the-more personal because Kaley’s sister, Briana Cuoco, was the one that married them.

The happy couple was engaged on November 2017 on Kaley’s birthday. Kyle threw her off earlier on the day of the proposal by teasing her with a fake ring at Target, saying “On my loves birthday I got her everything she has always wanted….now judging by her face maybe not, it’s the thought that counts right,” detailed People.

Later that day, however, Kyle took Kaley out for a beautiful dinner and proposed to her with a real ring this time: a jaw-dropping tear-drop diamond.

My vows to the love of my life with a little clip of our first dance. ‘Kaley…I hate you the least of all people in the world. Outside of you I have no need for anything. Without you I am nothing. I thought I would read something I wrote three days after the first night we met. We felt safe, challenged, and free. We could be who we are without thought for the ridiculous complexities of social norms. It was as if we were floating on a magic carpet not bound by the slings and arrows that entrap so many. We talked and talked rejecting the very idea of time or place. There is a rhythm and a pulse to us like ocean waves crashing upon the rocks; just like those waves on those rocks we feel like a force of nature. All these raw and beautiful feelings exude from deep deep within me from a tiny and at the same time vacuous corner. I guess that is the power of a true human connection. If you can not tell I have loved you from the very first night we met. Every day since then has been only devoted to you. From waking to midday to night time to sleeping, nothing but who we are together matters.’ I promise to understand you plucking my unibrow comes from a place of love I promise to remove any errant insect that journeys into our home. I promise to love and take care of all our animals no matter what and how many we bring home. From this breathe to my very last… I am yours. @enjetmedia @enjettiff @bricuoco @joegillette

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Kaley is a huge animal lover, so it’s not surprising that there were tons of animals in the wedding video. She previously said that they “have been each other’s true other half since day one and we can’t wait to spend forever together. Dogs, horses and all!”

And the couple’s choice to get married at a horse stable has extra special meaning for the two of them, as they revealed that “We met each other because of horses. Horses are a big part of our lives individually and together it’s amplified because it’s something we share and we can do it together.”

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