Big Shaq on Big Bike, All I Do Is Schwinn!

Here’s proof they DO make bikes big enough for Shaquille O’Neal!!

The NBA Hall of Famer felt the urge to go on a bike ride during his vacation in Nassau, Bahamas on Wednesday … so he ducked into a local shop and asked for the biggest 2-wheeler they got.

The shop delivered — and Diesel was so happy, the 7’1″ giant took the whip out for a quick cruise around the neighborhood … while wearing some amazing floral-pattern shorts! 

As we’ve previously reported … Shaq loves his 2-wheelers, but usually has to get them customized to fit his gigantic body size.

By the way, props to whoever made this bike — witnesses at the shop tell us the bike survived all 300 pounds (more?) without a problem! 

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