Bill Nye The Science Guy Explains Why You’re Hearing ‘Yanny’ Or ‘Laurel’ After Viral Audio Clip

Bill Nye to the rescue! Hollywood’s favorite scientist revealed the reason why people are hearing either ‘yanny’ or ‘laurel’ after the audio clip stirred the internet into a frenzy. Check out the interview here!

Yanny or Laurel? That’s the million dollar question everyone is dying to figure out after listening to the new audio viral clip made popular by social media influencer and vlogger Cloe Feldman on May 15. Similar to the blue vs. gold dress phenomenon from 2015, which resulted in people seeing a different color, each person hears something different when listening to the yanny or laurel clip. Luckily, television presenter and scientist Bill Nye has all the answers. But, before explaining why certain people hear either word, Bill explained he himself hears yanny. So crazy, right? “Well, as you know I’m expert on viral… software,” Bill said jokingly during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

“No, I don’t know why, except there’s got to be something in your brain because the audio’s the same, right? So, there’s got to be something in the way we interpret sounds. It must have to do with your native language, your life experience, how much you wax is in your ears or whatever else,” Bill continued. Pretty interesting, right? But, that still doesn’t answer why we’re all hearing something different. However, Bill did have some insight on the dress theory. “Well the dress originally was blue and black, is the way I remember it. Then, people passed it around and changed the saturation level of the color and then certain phones presented it in a different color to different people,” Bill added. Well, that definitely makes sense. Phew!

Nevertheless, Bill did provide some pretty good insight on the viral sensation. And, maybe, just like the dress theory, the sound was manipulated or changed on the yanny or laurel audio clip. At least that’s what we’re telling our selves to feel better!

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