Billy Connolly ‘regrets’ attack on photographer and wishes he could apologise

Billy Connolly rages at ‘politically correct mob’

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Billy Connolly, 79, has opened up about a moment he regrets. The star also spoke about his new book, Windswept and Interesting. 

The atmosphere got icy

Billy Connolly

The comedian said that he attacked a woman who he told to stop taking a picture of him. 

He responded to a question posed to him by a fan while doing an interview Q and A. 

Billy was talking to Damian Barr at the time. 

He was asked a question by a fan called Harry. 

The question read: “If you could go back and do one show again, which show would it be, and why?”

The star replied saying there was one which sprung to mind immediately. 

“I went on stage and there was a girl sitting on the aisle. 

“If you stand by the microphone, looking straight forward, there’s a row, an aisle going up to the soundbox. 

“There was a girl, sitting on the stairs, taking pictures with a flash camera. I told her to stop it, I’d just walked on stage,” Billy said. 

He explained that he told her to move because he couldn’t think of anything else. 

“I attacked her 10 times more severely than I should have. I don’t even know if she went off, but I was wild. 

“The atmosphere got icy and I started to show.”

Billy added that it ended up being a successful show but he regretted it deeply ever since. 

He concluded with the question, by saying that he meant to apologise to her but he couldn’t find her. 

“The papers in Ireland all attacked me for it because I was swearing,” the actor said, regretfully. 

He said also that he would love to meet her and apologise for the incident, as well as do the show again, and “do it right”.

Damien responded to the answer by chiming in, saying that hopefully, the girl sees the interview and the heartfelt apology. 

Known for his outspoken remarks, Billy recently spoke out about cancel culture and how it has affected his ability to perform boldly. 

Billy had a successful career as a comedian and an actor before he was forced to stop due to his Parkinson’s disease.

Discussing some of his old material, he added: “There are things I talked about I simply couldn’t do these days. It was healthier then.

“I like the balls it takes to get up and do it. You’re saying ‘I’m the funniest man in the room’, and then you have to prove it,” he added.

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