Blake Lively Telling Photographers to "Calm Down" at the Met Gala Is Perfection

If you thought nothing could top Kendall Jenner pushing a security guard out of her shot at the Met Gala, may we present Blake Lively reportedly telling photographers to “calm down” after they flew into hysterics upon seeing how iconic she looked.

The blessed moment happens at around 2:01:00 in this live video from the event. (Yes, you have to scroll through a lot of other arrivals to get there.)

It’s honestly like, NO BLAKE, WE CAN’T CALM DOWN. NOT WHEN YOU LOOK THIS GOOD. Also, shout out to Blake ending this below video by voguing for the cameras before being all “I can’t hear you” and leaving.

In the words of a random person on Twitter who goes by the sensational name JonahHillLover:

From: Cosmopolitan US

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