How ‘Botched’ saved ‘Housewives’ villain Kim D.’s life

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” villain Kim “Kim D.” DePaola was saved by Dr. Terry Dubrow.

The Posche boutique owner told Page Six on Wednesday that she filmed for his show with Dr. Paul Nassif, “Botched,” a year ago, and Dubrow removed “poison” from her right breast in the process.

“My immune system broke down,” she explained. “It was fighting that implant. So for a while, I wasn’t feeling good. I couldn’t get off the couch. I have thyroid issues. I kept blaming the thyroid but it wasn’t the thyroid. It was the implant and so he fixed it. Right out of surgery, my whole coloring changed. They were like, ‘Oh my God, look how good she looks’ because they took the frigging poison out. How crazy is that?”

DePaola told us that producers reached out to her to ask if she had plastic surgery and she immediately jumped on the opportunity to have a corrective procedure to fix her “major issues.”

“At this point in my life it’s tough for me to go back and have surgery,” she said. “It’s a lot of money. I can’t afford it. So I put it off. I was in pain all the time but I just ignored it.”

She told us she sent two sets of photos of her breasts to producers before flying out to Los Angeles and had to go through medical testing before appearing on the show. She also sat down for interviews, similar to “Housewives” confessionals.

“When they interviewed me, they were like, ‘What have you been doing? Why did you put this off?’ and I said, ‘Why? Because I was shut down.’ I was totally shut down mentally and emotionally.”

DePaola told us her boyfriend of 13 years passed away five years ago, and she’s finally ready to put herself back on the market.

“I worked like a zombie. I just went to work, took care of my dogs, spent time with my friends and my family and that’s it. My personal life — I didn’t even date so it didn’t matter … it didn’t matter how I felt. Now it’s time, I think I should get out there. I think I should date. I think I should move on with my personal life.”

DePaola’s episode of “Botched” is the season’s premiere on E! on May 9.

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