Breaking Down the Impactful, Meme-Worthy Power of Goldie Hawn's Viral Dancing Video

Sometimes the most unexpected, out-of-left-field occurrences wind up having the most profound impact, wouldn’t you agree? For me this week, that occurrence was Goldie Hawn sharing a video of herself energetically breaking it down to “Dance Monkey.” In the clip posted on Instagram, the 74-year-old star bops around her home to the catchy Tones and I song with such enthusiasm and endurance, I honestly became short of breath just watching it unfold. I would undoubtedly attend a Zumba class taught by Goldie (which, if I had to guess, would be named something along the lines of Getting Down With Goldie).

Goldie kicks off her seemingly unplanned dance video by jumping around on an outdoor veranda before heading inside, shakin’ what her mama gave her, running back outside, and then quickly back into her bathroom, where she claps along to the track’s beat before an abrupt ending. There are so many important observations to unpack here. First of all, a round of applause for the mystery phone holder who recorded the entire production and nimbly kept up with Goldie’s sporadic movements. Secondly, as the actress alluded to in her caption, she blatantly ignored the fact that her phone was ringing in the background as “Dance Monkey” blasted over the speaker, which really speaks to her passion for the song. Also worth noting: her bathroom appears to have a couch in it, which . . . #BathroomGoals.

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