Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To Supreme Court — Twitter Reacts!

Well, it’s official.

The Senate has confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

As expected, the vote went strictly along Republican party lines, giving Kavanaugh a narrow 50-48 victory. This comes after a speedy FBI investigation that found no evidence to corroborate sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

We all knew this was a done deal after GOP Senators Susan Collins and Jeff Flake gave their allegiance to the polarizing Supreme Court nominee.

But this still hurts, badly.

The moments leading up to the heartbreaking vote were filled with defiant screams from protestors in the Senate gallery, interrupting Vice President Mike Pence who was presiding:

Our hearts are deeply saddened by all of this, and America will surely never be the same.

Check out what celebs & Twitter users had to say (below):

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