Brett Young Reveals Plans To Release Full-Length Album In The Coming Months

Country star Brett Young has revealed that he plans to release a full-length new album in the coming months after deciding against releasing an EP earlier this year.

“We made a decision to go ahead and make the full-length record, and I think it’s realistic for end of this year or January of next year, that we’ll just have a full project out,” Young said during a recent virtual media event, according to Taste Of Country.

Young explained that he scrapped plans to release an EP because he didn’t want to his latest single “Lady” to overshadow another song that was planned for the project.

“I have another ballad that was gonna go on the EP, that might have gotten overlooked,” the singer said. “Because ‘Lady’ is a ballad, and that’s the first one off the project.”

Young said the upcoming album is important because it represents a new stage in his life following the birth of his daughter Presley.

“I didn’t go into this thinking I had any idea about how to raise a child, let alone a little girl,” he said. “But that’s what I’m in the middle of now, and I watched that coloring my songwriting and affecting my songwriting.”

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