Bridal Shower Essentials

Wedding season is about so much more than just the wedding itself. For the bridal party, the wedding day is usually preceded by at least a few weeks’ worth of events and other opportunities to celebrate the happy couple, including the bridal shower.

The shower is clearly much different than the bachelorette party — there are usually no dirty games for starters. It was traditionally an all-female affair, but recently more and more couples are choosing to do couples’ showers where men and women are both invited. And instead of the classic brunch, many people are throwing laid-back cocktail parties instead.

For whoever is throwing the shower — be that maid-of-honor, future mother-in-law or other close friend — this wealth of options can be overwhelming. But as soon as the basics are covered the rest becomes easier.

Scroll down for Us Weekly’s suggestions for bridal shower essentials.

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