This British Singer Wrote a Wedding Song For Prince Harry, and the Lyrics Are Hilariously Spot On

Back in 2012, British singer Tom Fletcher (of the band McFly) went viral with his wedding speech, which was seen over 19 million times on YouTube. For the occasion, Tom rewrote the lyrics of some of his band’s most famous songs, tailoring them to his wife, the wedding party, and his family. Now, Tom and BBC Radio 1 presenter Matt Edmonson have decided to come to Prince Harry’s help by turning the original speech into something that the groom-to-be could potentially use on his big day.

To really inspire Harry, the British star took things one step further by dressing up in a wig and army uniform, and singing in front of a whole host of royal lookalikes (but, like, good lookalikes). With lyrics such as “And obviously, my grandma’s The Queen, she thinks you’re a honey, and she’s on the money,” we’re not sure this hilarious song would go down too well at Windsor Castle, but who knows — Queen Elizabeth II does have a pretty good sense of humor.

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