Brooklyn Beckham ‘on a ridiculous path’ as fans blast cooking video

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz get married in Miami in April

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Brooklyn Beckham, 23, has been widely mocked on social media for his Instagram cooking tutorials as he attempts to delve into a culinary career. In his latest video, Brooklyn was joined by professional chef Kevin Lee, 35, as they created a traditional roast dinner featuring beef, carrots, potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

Brooklyn and Kevin presented a step-by-step guide for the meal, including slathering the slab of meat with butter, garlic and herbs before cooking it in the oven.

The potatoes were also covered in oil and beef fat while the carrots received an equal slathering of butter.

The son of famed footballer David Beckham received some intense backlash from his latest recipe as fans not only questioned the price but his culinary abilities.

Followers complained the thick slab of beef was still raw and the “copious” amount of butter used in the dish made it a “heart attack on a plate”.

One even demanded Brooklyn “grow up” and add more vegetables to the plate other than the few glazed carrots in attendance.

Another claimed that instead of cooking the beef, Brooklyn “might as well bite the cow while it’s grazing” and one said the youngster was “on a ridiculous path” as he delves into the culinary world. 

While some defended the 23-year-old, noting there are “a lot of home cooks without any training” on social media and the dishes will not always be to everyone’s individual preference.

However, the most common criticism Brooklyn received was the potential cost of the dish.

According to MailOnline, the meat Brooklyn and Kevin used seemed to be a five kilogram cut of 28-day dry aged sirloin.

In an average meat market a cut of this size would be roughly between £200 and £300, as Butchers told the outlet.

One follower said: “Such a waste, while others are starving to death. Where it’s the dislike button?”

Another added: “Most peoples budgets do not include ‘ aged’ any kind of meat. In fact those black gloves put me right off anyway.”

Someone commented: “What pains me the most is that probably cost more than most British families can afford to spend on food in a (week).”

Others took the opportunity to blame Brooklyn’s parentage, with one writing: “Mommy and daddy’s made your money , you would be a nobody without them x.”

Another shared: “You acting like a bad**s but you don’t (know) nothing it’s just funny. Go work one day in (your) life bro. Life is hard. Enough of the nepotism.”

One even noted that, putting the pricey cut of meat aside, simply the amount of butter Brooklyn used could be unaffordable for some.

While the 23-year-old was being criticised by countless followers in the comments section, he did have one notable supporter.

His mother, former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, shared his clip on Instagram and praised her son for the meal.

She wrote: “Inspiration for Sunday’s roast.

“I’ll be attempting this for your dad and brothers and sister!”

The fashion designer also took aim at her son’s critics as she added: “It’s rare, people, not raw.”

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