Brooklyn Beckham plans to give up ‘photography’ career for modeling career

Brooklyn Beckham was just 16 years old when he booked his first job as a professional photographer – he shot an ad campaign for Burberry, and while the actual photos were not widely panned (they were just boring photos), hiring a teenage celeb-spawn was widely criticized. Still, Brooklyn ended up putting out a book of photography when he was 18 years old and that’s when everyone began to really dunk on his photography skillz. He also dropped out of art/photography school at some point, but I guess he still considered himself a “photographer,” even if people weren’t really booking him for jobs? So now he’s returned to the job which most second-generation famous-for-no-reason kids would do: modeling.

Brooklyn Beckham tried to make a name for himself behind the camera as a photographer – but now he’s stepping out in front of it. He has signed up to be represented by one of the world’s leading fashion managers, suggesting he is rebranding as a model after years of the photos he has taken being mocked.

Robert Ferrell is helping to steer Brooklyn’s career, having represented Kate Moss for 22 years as well as her fellow supermodels Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova. And it suggests Brooklyn is following in the footsteps of his fiancee Nicola Peltz, who has forged her own path as a successful actress and model.

A source said: “Brooklyn has a recognisable face now and is in high demand in the fashion world, especially as he’s the son of David and Victoria. He has got one of the industry’s leading names to help build him up and bag him lucrative deals. It’s a promising move.”

Brooklyn’s career as a photographer stumbled after his book What I See, his first and so far his last, was brutally mocked in 2017 when he was just 18. It included a picture of a branch captioned “sparrow that flew off just as I was getting the camera out” and a blurry snap of an elephant, which he described as “so hard to photograph, but incredible to see”.

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It’s not that I think Brooklyn will become the top male model in the world or anything, but I bet he’ll be a better model than he is a photographer. Setting the bar too low? Sorry. I actually don’t mean it as an insult – I think he’s a nice-looking kid and I bet if someone teaches him how to do it, he will be an okay model. And hey, we don’t have to pretend to care about his photography now, so that’s an added bonus.

True story: I looked on Brooklyn’s IG after I wrote all of that, and the first pic I saw was Brooklyn’s “modeling” a Bvlgari watch… my God, maybe not.

A post shared by @brooklynbeckham

A post shared by @brooklynbeckham

Photos courtesy of Brooklyn’s Instagram.

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