Brooklyn Decker Jokes About Andy Roddick’s Poor Diaper Changing Skills

According to Brooklyn Decker, she and her husband have split duties when it comes to parenting their 8-month-old daughter, Stevie.

While Brooklyn excels in some aspects of parenting, she doesn’t in others and vice-versa with her husband, Andy Roddick. In a new interview with Us Weekly, the model dished that area that her husband is not very good at is in the diaper changing department. That’s why Brooklyn is usually the one changing their toddler’s diapers.

“[Andy] can’t ball up a diaper if his life depended on it. The amount of times I’ve found open dirty diapers on the floor when I’m, like, ‘There is Velcro here to help you ball this diaper up and toss it.’ It’s really quite a weakness of his.”

But while his diaper changing skills may be lacking, Roddick is amazing when it comes to Stevie’s morning time routine. Turns out, Andy is a morning person whereas Brooklyn is not so much, she says.

“He’s really amazing at waking up at the morning, which is shockingly hard for me,” Decker shared. “It’s, like, that 5:30 a.m. wake up is not easy and he just jumps up, grabs Stevie and is on the go. That’s really nice. It’s like relationship currency. He’s just filling up that bank with relationship currency. It’s really quite beautiful. I love it. I owe him a lot.”

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The couple also share a two-year-old son named Hank. And while they had the parenting thing down with pat with just one child. Brooklyn confessed that the task of juggling two kids together has been quite the challenge. Though, she did also add that she jokingly whines about being a mother of two from time to time.

“But it’s the best thing in the world. Every cliché is true where, like, your heart bursts and you’re crying because you get happy. You have happy tears all the time because you love these little creatures. It’s the best thing in the world, it really is.”

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Decker and Roddick have been together for a long time. According to Page Six, the couple tied the knot back in 2009 when Decker was just 22-years-old. Now looking back at things, Decker says that she realizes that she was pretty naive to marry Andy at such a young age — at the time, the tennis star was 27-years-old.

But after a few years of marriage under their belts, Decker told the publication that they used the base of their partnership to build a marriage while also gaining skills of being life savvy as well as business savvy.

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