Bryce Hall Sued for Bar Brawl, Allegedly Motivated by Racism

Bryce Hall and his boys are getting sued for throwing down in a Mexican restaurant in L.A., and one of the owners thinks they swung on him because he’s a Mexican immigrant.

Hernan Fernando is the co-owner of Cinco, and says Bryce and 3 other guys, including Bryce’s pal Rory Fitzpatrick, came into the joint back in October and ordered a few rounds of shots and beers. All good, right?

Nope. Not according to the video TMZ obtained of the fight that broke out — or according to Hernan, who claims in the lawsuit, Bryce and co. started vaping while seated at their table. He claims they blew off a warning from the bar manager to stop, and also a second warning from Hernan himself.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Hernan told his staff to close out Bryce’s tab, and shortly thereafter a server alleges she heard Bryce refer to Hernan as a “wetback” and “the Mexican.”

As you can imagine, things quickly went downhill after that — in the suit, Hernan says Bryce blew vape smoke in his face, his pal Rory got physical when staffers tried to show them to the exit — and then the fight erupted.

In the suit, Hernan claims he was repeatedly pummeled by Bryce and Rory, with Bryce allegedly trying to choke him … until a Cinco staffer pulled him off Hernan.

They called cops and held Bryce’s credit card so he wouldn’t flee the scene. The Cinco co-owner claims Bryce popped off one more time while they were waiting, telling Hernan, “Who the f*ck are you? I”m from Bel-Air, and you’re just a fat Mexican who works at a restaurant.”

Hernan alleges there were a few more racial epithets hurled his way, and that he suffered a broken hand and lots of bumps and bruises from the punches. He’s suing Bryce, Rory and their pals for assault, battery, emotional distress, and for attacking him based on his ethnicity.

We’ve reached out to Bryce’s camp … but no word back yet.

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