BTS Just Made History with Their Latest Single "Dynamite"

Well, it looks like BTS has broken a record within hours of dropping their latest single, "Dynamite." Are we even surprised?

The K-pop band's highly-anticipated new song was released in music video form at midnight on Friday, and promptly exploded the record for the biggest premiere in YouTube history. While YouTube hasn't released any official numbers yet, the previous record-holder, fellow K-pop band Blackpink's music video for "How You Like That," clocked in drew 1.65 million concurrent views. At the time, Blackpink had dethroned a record that BTS set back in February, when the “On” music video premiered with 1.54 million concurrent viewers.

According to Forbes, "Dynamite" pulled in at least 3 million concurrent viewers when it premiered.

At the time of writing, the music video has 47 million views. Suffice to say, fans were pleased.

And there's even more to come: The "B-side" music video will be released on August 24 at 11 am/EST, and along with the new song, BTS is scheduled for two upcoming interviews: MTV's Fresh Out Live on August 21 at 5 pm/EST and NBC's Today Show on August 24 at 8 am/EST.

We're ready.

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