Buffalo Wild Wings’ Twitter Account Hacked — Posts Include Vile References To The N-Word & ‘C*m’

Truly shocking. Buffalo Wild Wings’ Twitter account appears to have been hacked, leading to a serious of disgusting and appalling posts. Here’s all the latest news on this developing story.

Buffalo Wild Wings is the latest corporation to have their Twitter account hacked. Late on Friday, June 1, a number of bizarre and truly disgusting posts appeared on the sports bar chain’s handle including racial epithets and horrifying sexual references. “Our secret recipe is Tommy’s c*m,” one post read before they were taken down. “That’s what makes our wings so good!” And that wasn’t the only time this “Tommy” individual was mentioned. “Tommy thinks that Glove is a bald midget with a small d**k,” another stated.

The hacker also decided to take a particularly disturbing shot at another restaurant chain during their Twitter rant. “Reminder that @Wendys touches kids. Stupid nonces.” The culprit or culprits also referenced some individuals in particular, calling African-American author and film producer Tariq Nasheed a “racist c**n.” Tariq has since responded, writing: “I don’t know if they were hacked or not, but I’m still waiting on Buffalo Wild Wings to issue me an apology for this tweet about me. So far they have been pretty quiet.”

They also randomly mentioned a child’s infamous disappearance, along with yet another racist statement. “Reminder Madeleine McCann has been missing for 9 years. F**K NI**AS,” they wrote. Madeleine is an English 4-year-old who disappeared from her bed in a Portugal resort in 2007, leaving law enforcement baffled.

And it’s even possible the hacker shared a photo of himself before his reign of terror and bigotry came to a swift end. A photo was posted of a young white man covering his face with what appears to be a scarf, via TMZ. If this is indeed the individual who hacked BWWs account, sharing a selfie is an incredibly brazen act following numerous senseless and racist posts.

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