Burt Reynolds remembered at private funeral in Florida

Burt Reynolds‘ family and friends said goodbye at the late actor’s private funeral.

Those closest to the “Smokey and the Bandit” star attended a service at Family Church in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Wednesday, according to Us Weekly.

The funeral began with an opening prayer and a performance of “Forward to the Moon” from local singer-songwriter Cooper Getschal, who participated in Reynolds’ master class in acting at the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre. Reynolds’ longtime friend Mo Mustaine shared memories of his life, while his “Last Movie Star” co-star, Todd Vittum, also delivered a eulogy, the magazine reported.

Pianist Copeland Davis’ performed, as well as Broadway star Avery Sommers, who sang a rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Sally Field also attended.

Reynolds passed away earlier this month after going into cardiac arrest. He was 82.

Reynolds left his niece Nancy Lee Brown Hess in charge of executing his will instead of his son Quinton, whom he left out of the document.

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