Where To Buy A Make-Your-Own Frose Pop Set For All Of Your Summer Parties

Growing up, summer always meant endless sleepovers, perpetually warm weather, hikes, beach trips, and, most importantly, ice pops for miles n’ miles. Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t discriminate in the realm of popsicles, but my favorites were the Firecrackers, Crayola Color Pops, and Spongebob popsicles (obviously). But now that you’re finally over 21 years old, you can make your own alcoholic ice pops, and you know that’s what I’ll be snacking all summer long. In case you don’t already have a kit of your own, here’s where to buy a make-your-own frosé pop set to stay cool for the summer.

Frozen rosé popsicles, which are more commonly known as "frosé pops," sound undeniably delicious on their own. I mean, think about it: Fruity apple flavors mixed with hints of florals in the form of an ice pop sounds unreal. But, being able to actually make them on your own sounds like a dream come true. If you’re interested in making them for yourself and all your friends, thie Make-Your-Own Rosé Kit will only cost you a reasonable $33.99 on Firebox.com. According to the Firebox website, each kit comes with its own rosé, a recipe, and everything else you’ll need to make the perfect refreshing snack this season (that is, except for sugar… that’s on you, babes).

If you’d rather just make your own bubbly rosé instead, Brooklyn Brew Shop sells Sparkling Rosé Wine Kits, and they’re honestly so easy to follow. In a few easy steps, you can have five bottles of wine of your own. They’ll only take a few weeks to completely ferment, and for $70, you’ll probably end up on saving on that pink bubbly this summer.

Don’t get me wrong: You know I’ll always be down for a Spongebob ice pop. Let’s be real, though: Frosé pops are totally the way to go this summer, and now you can literally make them on your own. Whether you decide to make them all for yourself (which is exactly what I’ll be doing), or if you want to host Happy Hour and share them with all your pals, making frosé pops is 100 percent a worth-while project, and your stomach will definitely thank you.

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