Camila Cabello’s ‘My Oh My’ Remix ft. DaBaby & Gunna – Read Lyrics & Listen Now!

Camila Cabello has released a remix of her song “My Oh My” featuring DaBaby and Gunna!

“My Oh My” is a song that was featured as a digital-only track on Camila‘s sophomore album Romance, one month after the album was released.

DaBaby was an original artist on the song now Gunna has been added for the remix!

Camila took to Instagram before the release of the remix and wrote this note: “something I’m reminding myself today: we are all so caught up in the future, in our goals, in to do lists, in who we need to become, in what we want to achieve or do or even feel in the future, but life is only ever NOW. this moment. this is it. this is life. what happened is gone forever, and what’s going to happen isn’t ours right now. today I’m reminding myself look around and take in the fullness of this moment, and be thankful for the little things, and be thankful to have this ticket to this party, because it’s a miracle that everything happened the way it did so that I could even experience this right now. So today every time I get caught up in tomorrow and the noise and fog of my mind is not letting me experience this moment .. I’m going to wake myself up, because this is it. I love you guys.”

Download the remix now on iTunes and stream the song below via YouTube.

Click inside to read the lyrics for the new version of the song…

Read the lyrics for the song below!

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