Cardi B tells internet trolls to ‘cut’ their veins

Cardi B is in hot water after clapping back at internet trolls.

After commenters went after Cardi and her sister, Hennessy, the “I Like It” rapper turned to Instagram live to tell them to go kill themselves, saying they needed to “throw yourself off a f–king balcony.”

A person outside of the frame seemed to try to tell the new mom to calm down, but she wasn’t having it and felt compelled to defend her sister.

“If you are a grown ass woman or grown ass n—a on the comments talking s–t, you need a f–king life,” she said. “You need to cut your motherf–king veins. You people need help.”

After watching the video, one Twitter user called her “a real danger to society,” while another wrote, “she needs help.”

Cardi’s expletive-filled rant came shortly after model Maye Musk told Page Six that she isn’t a fan of the rapper because she “swears too much.”

“Cardi B is very popular, but I am not fond of her language. She swears a lot,” she said. “I like gentle, sweet music. I am not really a good dancer, although a lot of people think I am. I like really quiet music.”

Warning: Explicit language

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