Cardi B Tries To Get Kulture To Say ‘Hi Mommy’ But She Yells ‘Dadda’ Instead — Watch Adorable Video

Kulture showed off her sassy personality in a new Cardi B video but saying ‘dadda’ instead of ‘mommy’ in a new Instagram video.

Cardi B, 26, posted an adorable video of 11-month-old daughter Kulture on her Instagram on June 11. The clip showed Cardi’s daughter sitting while Cardi tried to get her to say “mommy.” Kulture sat in a white onesie and pink towel in her hair while Cardi asked her to say “hi mommy.” At the end of the clip, Kulture hilariously screamed “dadda!” Cardi captioned the video, “She don’t like to be bothered but she loves to bother,” noting her daughter’s sassiness.

People commented over how cute and adorable little Kulture was in Cardi’s video. “She can be a model,” one person said. “@Gucci what’s tea let’s get Kulture a campaign going…” Another person commented, “Ummm I cannot,” they said. “She’s gorgeous wow gorgeous.”

This wasn’t the first time Kulture said “dadda” in a cute video – the precious baby uttered the word while on her dad Offset’s lap last month! She sat on Offset’s lap while he told the camera about his “feisty daughter.” Kulture playfully tapped her dad with a spoon she held, while she repeatedly uttered, “dadda.” “Oh, feisty,” the rapper dad, 27, said after Kulture kept screaming for him.

She don’t like to be bothered but she loves to bother

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In another video that Offset posted, he showed his baby daughter on the ground while he videotaped her. She looked up at him and smiled, and said “hi.” He said “hi” back to his baby girl, and it was all too cute to handle! We love seeing baby Kulture pop up in our Instagram feeds and can’t wait to see more of her in the future!

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