Carmelo and La La Anthony look like a couple again

Carmelo and La La Anthony are back together, according to sources.

Carmelo and Lala at the Melo Made PresentationGC Images

“They’ve reconciled. They were at the Fear of God presentation for New York Fashion Week. They arrived separately, but were holding hands in the VIP balcony and left holding hands in the middle of the Q&A,” a source told us.

La La was also on hand to support the former Knicks star at the launch of his Melo Made project.

And the couple even further fueled rumors that they were on again when they were spotted together at a starry 40th birthday bash in town for Swizz Beatz.

“They are working their relationship out and they’ve always remained friends. They’re around each other and it’s for the betterment of their situation,” another friend of the couple explained.

Tiffany Haddish, Forest Whitaker, DJ Cassidy and Christian Louboutin were also at the bash to celebrate Beatz.

His wife, Alicia Keys, brought out a cake and sang “Happy Birthday” for Swizz — who is also celebrating the release of his new album, “Poison.”

In August, Anthony signed a deal with the Houston Rockets, exiting the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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