Caroline Flack’s mum says doctors ‘thought she had bipolar’ before tragic death

Caroline Flack visited a doctor who thought she may have bipolar shortly before her tragic death, her mum Christine has revealed.

Christine has paid tribute to her Love Island presenter daughter more than a year after she tragically took her own life in February 2020.

The TV star's mum said she doesn't want her daughter to be remembered for the final months of her life.

She explained: "It’s so important to me that Carrie is not tainted by those last few months of her life. It's tragic. I hate the memory of my daughter to be a negative one because she wasn't negative.

"She always saw the positive in something. She was so fun, so kind, so funny, so loving; she always tried to be a good role model for young women especially – I want her to be remembered for these things."

Christine continued to The Sun: "Carrie suffered for a long while, but never showed it because her outgoing personality covered everything.

"Mainly she was happy, and funny, and brilliant. She just had these terrific down times – and not many people saw those down times."

Mum Christine, who previously shared regrets over the times she didn't spend with her daughter, revealed her doctors suspected she may have bipolar.

She explained: "That was the thing; she hid it. The last doctor she saw thought she may have had bipolar. And that’s what I always thought.

"It was just constant highs, all of a sudden, then the lows," Christine said.

Caroline's mother continued: "Usually something would happen, but it would always eventually pass. I've slept so many times in her bed until the thing that was upsetting her passed.

"But she didn't even have her own doctor. She'd go to a doctor so that nobody read her files, you know; she was so ashamed of people thinking she had mental health problems.

"She was just known as this happy-go-lucky girl; she was petrified of people seeing her dark side, and thinking she was 'mental'. The thing that really upset her was the phrase, ‘you’re mental’.

"Saying that to someone who’s got mental health is the worst thing in the world you can say. It’s weaponised."

The Love Island star's mother previously discussed her daughter's struggles with mental health in an eye-opening documentary.

Christine was joined by her daughter Jody, who was Caroline's twin, who said the presenter found heartbreak "impossible".

Speaking of a breakup Caroline went through as a teen, Jody recalled: "She was very, very depressed and that pattern carried on forever. She really did find heartbreak impossible."

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