Carrie Underwood Proves She’s Strong As Ever After Accident & Hits The Gym For Workout Class

Carrie Underwood looked amazing when launching her new fitness line, ‘CALIA’, in New York on May 4 and the songstress even happily worked out with her mom for the exciting event!

Carrie Underwood, 35, may have had a nasty fall just a few months ago but she’s back and stronger than ever! The blonde beauty launched her new fitness line, CALIA by Carrie Underwood on May 4 and she celebrated with a fun-filled event that included her mingling with many fitness gurus, including celebrity trainer Eve Overland, and working out with her mom, Carole, 59, in New York City! Eve took to Instagram to post a photo of herself posing with a smiling Carrie at the event. “In New York City for a @caliabycarrie event with @carrieunderwood💫 #touringtrainer#celebritytrainer #personaltrainer #trainer#newyorkcity #caliabycarrie#fitnessmotivation #fitness #workout#staythepath,” She captioned the photo.

As shown in Eve’s pic, Carrie looked incredible at the event while wearing a sporty jacket and pants. She lifted some weights with Carole during one portion of the event and in another portion she changed into a black tank top that showed off her toned arms and proceeded to run on a treadmill. The country superstar also did a series of other workouts to pass the time and celebrate her new products.

The new line, which reflects the importance of working out regularly, features fitness apparel and accessories that can be purchased through a website and at specific sporting goods stores. It’s a major achievement for Carrie considering it’s something outside her regular realm of music and really showcases her other interests. The mother-of-one has made it a point to keep healthy and in shape since the birth of her son, Isaiah, 3, and has truly inspired a lot of her fans wanting to do the same thing.

Carrie’s music and fitness practices aren’t the only ways she’s inspiring people. Her recent fall caused her to get multiple stitches to her lip area and after months of hiding away so she could heal, Carrie recently came back into the spotlight while openly sharing her story and fears.

In New York City for a @caliabycarrie event with @carrieunderwood! ? #touringtrainer #celebritytrainer #personaltrainer #trainer #newyorkcity #caliabycarrie #fitnessmotivation #fitness #workout #staythepath

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Although she still looks incredible, it’s great to know that Carrie’s just like us and is willing to be open and relateable to her fans!

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