Catherine Zeta Jones Says She’s Tired Of Apologizing For Being Rich & Gorgeous & Twitter Cringes

Catherine Zeta Jones is rich, famous, gorgeous and super proud of it. We have the interview where she refuses to be humble about her fab life and how fans are cringing over it.

This is beyond a humble brag to the point of obnoxiousness. Catherine Zeta Jones is damn proud of how fabulous her life is and done being modest about it. In a cringeworthy interview with the UK Mirror she throws politeness to the wind about how she’s got such a better life than most mere mortals and is proud of it. “One thing I’m not is humble anymore. I’m sick of being humble. I really am. So sorry I’m rich, so sorry I’m married to a movie star, so sorry I’m not so bad looking,” the 48-year-old told the publication. “No sorrys. Enough,” she continued. “All that is important to me now is my work.” Wow, too bad she has such low self-esteem.

Catherine has been married to movie legend Michael Douglas, 73, for the past 17 years and they have two children, son Dylan, 17, and daughter Carys, 15. The Chicago star also refuses to be sorry about how awesome they are as well. “[The] rest of my life is a joy because I’ve got two beautiful kids and a healthy, happy husband,” the actress, 48, said. “It’s all good, and I’m not going to be humble for that either.”

“I come from a working-class family in Wales and I worked to get to where I am. And for many years all of us are victims of the fact that we’ve all got so humble. If you were a sports star and won an award you would go, ‘S*** yeah, that was the best work I’ve ever done, I rocked!’ Whereas actors are like, ‘Oh I’m so sorry and thanks, can I say thanks?’” she added. Twitter wasn’t lettering her live down the comment. Actor/Comedian David Alan Grier, 61, snarked “Same!” about her not being sorry for being rich and beautiful.

Another user joked “Let’s all take a moment and hope for the best for Catherine Zeta-Jones. She’s struggling, but determined to not let her staggering wealth, beauty and success drag her into the abyss.” Someone else wrote”#CatherineZetaJones forgot to add what’s also important to her is being obnoxious and ungrateful.” Another tweeted “What a snooty witch!”

Mind you this is also a woman who thinks a million dollars is chump change to people of her stature. In a 2002 interview she said ““A million dollars isn’t a lot of money for people like us.” CZJ also whined about how owning too many houses sometimes interferes with her wardrobe selection in a 2009 interview. “Some people collect art or lots of money, We collect houses because if we have to look at something, we prefer the view.”

Michael and Catherine have mansions in Bermuda, Majorca, Spain; Westchester, NY; Canada and Swansea, Wales. “The worst thing about having all these houses is that when I have an outfit and I think it’s going to look great with a certain pair of shoes, I remember they’re in…some place I’m not. So that’s why I have to buy duplicates,” she complained. Wow, talk about rich people problems!

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