Celebrities Selena Gomez Dissed, 6 Celebs She's Thrown Shade at


For someone like Selena Gomez, who’s constantly busy juggling her acting career, her singing career and her charity work, it’s hard to believe that she has any time at all to do anything else. But, like the rest of us, it seems Sel has managed to strike a balance and has somehow been able to maintain somewhat of a social life throughout her career.

In addition to making and keeping friends, though, you may be surprised to find out that, on more than one occasion, Selena has managed to squeeze dissing other celebrities into her jam-packed schedule! We’ll be real with you… it doesn’t happen often, but there are six celebs off the top of our heads who’ve received major shade from the “Back to You” singer over the years. Don’t believe us? Click to the gallery to see who she’s dissed:

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