Celebrities share loved-up Christmas celebrations

They say Christmas is a time to spend with the ones you love but – if you’re a loved-up celebrity – it’s also a day to share your relationship with the world.

While the heat was a key feature of Christmas day for Sydney, with many taking to the beach, the celebrities who spent the year travelling and on busy schedules were most focused on each other.

Nicole Kidman – who was counting down the days until both Christmas and the release of her highly anticipated crime drama film Destroyer – was dressed in pink and florals to celebrate the day.

She wished her Instagram followers “love, laughter and joy” in a post captured mid-laughter with husband Keith Urban by the couple’s Christmas tree.

Urban shared the sentiment, sending "love" from the couple to his followers and posting a selfie of the two dressed for the summer weather.

Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend, British GQ creative director Paul Solomons, also gushed over their romance in matching Instagram posts.

The couple each posted a photo of them embracing in Christmas costumes with the caption “All I want for Christmas is… ”.

Minogue – whose Christmas album betrays her love of the silly season – was appropriately dressed in a Christmas tree outfit while Solomons wore a Santa cap.

For those who were less inclined to display their romantic side, the focus was on family and sunshine.

Stars inlcuding Kate Ritchie, Beau Ryan and Rebecca Judd all snapped photos of their young children and families spending quality time together.

Cricketer David Warner enjoyed family time after a difficult year, with wife Candice sharing photos of the couple and their daughters throughout the day.

Others took the opportunity to show off the most recent additions to their families.

Model and TV presenter Kris Smith posted a Christmas message alongside a family selfie from bed with his partner and their newborn baby Mila, while former Big Brother star Skye Wheatley shared photos of new arrival Forest, who was born on Christmas Eve.

Actress Teresa Palmer, who is currently pregnant, posted photos that included the letters her children left to Santa on the kitchen bench and her youngest in a Santa suit.

Palmer’s American husband Mark Webber was treated to summer Christmas down under in full force, with kids in the family playing with hoses and an inflatable water slide to get relief from the heat.

Meanwhile, Aussies abroad managed to avoid the sweltering sunshine, with Hugh Jackman sharing his enthusiasm for a cooler Christmas.

“Does this count as white Christmas?” Jackman asked his 22 million followers in a video filmed in a snow-scattered park in the US.

“I’m going to say yes," he said. "As someone quite famous once said, life is what you choose to make it. I love you all.”

Other Australian celebrities who enjoyed the cooler American climate on December 25 included actor Hugh Sheridan and Rebel Wilson, who spent the day at Disneyland in Los Angeles.

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