Celebs Struggling To Keep Their Tops From Falling Down: Jennifer Lawrence & More

So many celebs have been spotted struggling to keep their tops from falling down in front of everyone! Check out your favorite stars who almost suffered wardrobe malfunctions here!

Sometimes preventing a wardrobe malfunction can be a physical struggle. For instance, Jennifer Lawrence, 27, was at the 2014 Oscars in a daring red dress that kept slipping. However, JLaw’s constant vigilance prevented anyone from getting an eyeful. However, she’s not alone in her skills at keeping wardrobe malfunctions at bay. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, 37, Kylie Jenner, 20, Rihanna, 30, and more have managed to keep their clothes on despite some challenging attire, while some of these sexy celebs have also made a deliberate point to tantalize their Instagram followers by just barely holding their ensembles together. Check out the photos of your favorite celebs working hard to stop their tops from falling down in our gallery above!

Most recently, Beyonce, 36, suffered not one, but two wardrobe malfunctions during her Weekend 1 Coachella performance. However, considering she’s probably the greatest living performer, Queen Bey not only prevented her top from showing off more than it should, she literally continued her choreography like nothing went wrong. Meanwhile, Twitter was seriously impressed. One user believed that she literally “danced” her outfit off and another joked that someone was going to get fired as a result of this near wardrobe malfunction.

Someone who not so lucky at preventing a wardrobe malfunction was Katy Perry, 33. In a pretty hilarious clip for American Idol, Katy accidentally rips her pants after she had a huge belly laugh. As a result, her entire backside was exposed through her pants. Being a good sport, Katy pranced around the stage while Lionel Richie tried to shield her from view. Luckily, someone from the costume department was on hand and brought out some tape to fix the dire situation!


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