Celina Powell Claims She Has Proof Offset Is The Father Of Her Baby With Results Of Paternity Test

Celina Powell took to Instagram on Apr. 28 to claim that she now has the results of the paternity test she served Offset with and it proves he’s the father of her newborn daughter. Check out the bizarre video here!

Celina Powell is not giving up when it comes to claiming Offset is the father of her newborn daughter. The new mother took to an Instagram live video chat on Apr. 28 to reveal that she has the results of the paternity test that she served the rapper and it proves he fathered her child. In the video, Celina can be seen riding in a car with a friend and she’s holding papers that she claims are the results of the DNA test between Offset and her daughter.

“Who’s the dad? Offset’s the dad b***h!,” she screams in the beginning. “Play the Migos song now, we gotta celebrate to your song,” she then tells her friend referring to Offset’s hip hop group. The outspoken blonde continues on by talking about her daughter, Karma, and how she can now post photos of her and people can’t claim that’s she’s not Offset’s. “15 rocks a month comin’ my way!,” she continues. “I can’t believe he really took the test. He’s so stupid.” Before the wild video ends, Celina zooms in on the papers she’s holding which is labeled LabCorp and it shows her name along with Offset’s real name and results that say he is presumed the father by 99.99%.

Despite Celina showing the papers in the live chat, there’s still a lot of skepticism on whether or not they were the real results. Last week, Celina told us that she served Offset, who’s expecting a child with girlfriend Cardi B, with the DNA test after he chose to ignore her and he eventually took it. She claims that he thinks she’s lying, which makes sense considering Offset’s legal team accused Celina of trying to extort him.

We reached out to Celina for a comment but have yet to receive a response. We’ll definitely be on top of this story as more unfolds!

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