Chance The Rapper Gets Dragged On Twitter For Defending Kanye — See Tweets

Chance The Rapper took to Twitter on Apr. 25 to post a political tweet about how ‘black people don’t have to be democrats’ in response to Kanye West’s series of tweets in support of Donald Trump. See the harsh responses he received here!

Chance The Rapper, 25, took to Twitter on Apr. 25 to make a bold statement that seemed to be directly related to Kanye West‘s many political tweets that he posted throughout the day. “Black people don’t have to be democrats,” Chance’s tweet read. He posted it shortly after Kanye posted a plethora of tweets in support of Republican President Donald Trump, 71, and although it appeared he was trying to defend Kanye from online hate, Chance also got some backlash from his own tweet. A number of Twitter users came forward to slam Chance for his opinionated post that put a spotlight on black Republicans.

“funny all the work you’ve done for Chicago public schools and you basically telling little black kids it’s okay to support people who will never stick out their necks for them before their own people,” one user tweeted in response to Chance’s post. “Dude trying too hard to defend and oversimplify,” another user said. Some followers used their responses as a way to explain that it’s not about the parties, it’s about the human being and the issues. “You and @kanyewest are missing the point. ‘People’ (black, white, or otherwise) shouldn’t be democrat OR republican. We should be people…voting on issues and conscious…not corporate agenda,” one follower tweeted.

After the intense responses, Chance tweeted a couple more tweets about the whole situation. One simply said, “Next President gon be independent” and the other just showed a hilarious GIF of Jay-Z giving an “eek” look and turning around. The GIF was most likely in reference to the negative reaction he received after tweeting his opinions. Kanye’s known for speaking his mind even if many people don’t agree with his opinions so it’s not surprising that Chance’s supportive tweets would bring out some serious slamming action.

We can’t help but wonder where things will go from here!

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