Cheryl Burke Reveals She Thought Fiancé Matthew Lawrence Was Breaking Up With Her Right Before He Proposed

The ;Dancing With the Stars’ pro dancer braced for bad news, but it turned out to be one of the happiest moments of her life.

Cheryl Burke got engaged to Matthew Lawrence on her 34th birthday in May, but she almost thought she was getting dumped. In a new interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, the Dancing With the Stars pro dancer revealed that she thought a letter that Lawrence had written to her was a breakup letter after the whole day went by without any acknowledgment that it was her birthday.

“No flowers, I got nothing from him. Not even like a Happy Birthday card. On our patio was a candle with a letter, and I was like, Oh great, this is like a breakup letter.”

Lawrence said he purposely left the letter for Burke for her to find at sunset, around the same time of day that she was born on May 3rd 34 years ago. The Boy Meets World alum then proposed to Burke outside after pulling out an engraved diamond ring.

“I know she was born around sunset,” Lawrence said. “I just waited for the sun to be right at that perfect spot over the water.”

Cheryl Burke previously told People she was stunned when Matthew Lawrence got down on one knee as she read his note.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, is this like a breakup letter? Or, like, what is happening?’ He goes, ‘Just read it.’ And I open it, [it’s] fine print — my eyes are pretty bad — he’s like, ‘Just read it.’ So I bring it up to my nose, and it says, ‘Love you always and forever.’ And I turned around, he was on one knee and we were just very emotional.”

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Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence rekindled their romance in 2016, ten years after they initially dated. The couple met in 2006 through Lawrence’s brother, Joey, who was a contestant on Burke’s show, Dancing with the Stars. At the time, Burke told People she was in a happy relationship with a new man.

“Life is great!” Burke said in 2007. “He’s a great, smart, wonderful guy. We started dating at the end of December while I was on the [Dancing with the Stars] tour and we’re having a lot of fun.”

After they split in early 2008, the exes didn’t talk to or run into each other even once over the next nine years.

Fast forward to Christmas 2016, when Cheryl Burke decided to text her ex out of the blue—and he actually responded. The two picked up where things left off and decided to put the work into a committed relationship.

Cheryl Burke hasn’t announced her exact wedding date yet, but she recently teased on Instagram that the next time she’s in a wedding, she will be the bride.

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